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Innovations at WellPoint

WellPoint is committed to delivering the best combination of health, care and value in the industry, and to finding new and improved ways to provide real-world solutions that simplify health care processes and improve health care quality. 

LiveHealth Online

Consumers now have a fast, more convenient way to see a doctor for non-emergency needs when their own doctor is not readily available.

Members can now use their smart phone, tablet or computer to have a live video visit with a board certified doctor of their choice to discuss non-emergency health issues from home, work or wherever they happen to be as long as they have a wi-fi signal or Internet access.

This new online care service, LiveHealth Online, launched in 2013 first to large-local and national employers. Doctors are available 24 hours, 365 days a year, including holidays.

IBM Watson 

WellPoint and IBM have announced an agreement to create the first commercial applications that utilize IBM Watson technology to help improve the delivery of quality, evidence-based health care. IBM Watson has the ability to analyze the meaning and context of natural language, and rapidly process information to find precise responses to questions.

In recent years, few areas have advanced as rapidly as health care. For physicians, incorporating hundreds of thousands of articles into practice and applying them to patient care is a significant challenge. IBM Watson can sift through an equivalent of about 1 million books or roughly 200 million pages of data, and analyze this information to provide precise responses in less than three seconds. This capability is expected to enable physicians to engage IBM Watson to coordinate medical data programmed into Watson with specific patient factors, to help medical professionals identify the most likely treatment options and perhaps refine diagnoses in complex cases.

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Plain Language

There is no rule that health care has to be confusing.  Yet all too often, instructions and paperwork are issued using language that complicates rather than clarifies.  According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 50 percent of American adults (93 million people) have trouble understanding and using health information, and 2 out of three people don’t understand their health insurance coverage.  The result of this confusion is that Americans make uninformed health care decisions, get fewer preventive screenings and have higher health care costs.

To address this problem, WellPoint created its Plain Language program – a commitment to communicate clearly, not only with members, but also with employers, brokers and within the company itself.

Clear communication requires an ongoing commitment, but the principles guiding the Plain Language program have achieved some early successes.  Specifically, WellPoint affiliated health plans have developed MyHealth Note – an explanation of health benefits that uses everyday words rather than legalese.  Since MyHealth note was created in 2009, it has resulted in 50 percent fewer member complaints, a 13 percent increase in people who rated MyHealth Note as “a trusted resource,” and a 12 percent increase in people who said the tool helped improve their overall health.


Simplification is at the heart of innovation.  In health care that means streamlining administrative processes so doctors can focus on providing care rather than filling out paperwork.  To accomplish this, WellPoint selected Availity, LLC as a strategic part of its suite of online provider solutions.

Availity offers a secure multi-plan portal at no charge to doctors and other providers to improve efficiencies in the healthcare system by simplifying many aspects of health plan administration – an important step toward advancing affordable patient care. Now, instead of having to access different reimbursement systems for each insurer, providers can use the Availity multi-plan portal and have access to a common claims interface for all participating health plans.  Availity’s "one-stop-shop" approach benefits patients, providers and health plans by streamlining the health care administration process and providing a consistent user experience.

WellPoint is proud to join current Availity owners, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., Health Care Service Corporation, and Humana Inc., in making an investment in Availity’s industry-leading multi-plan platform.

Care Comparison

WellPoint supports transparency to help its health plan members make more informed decisions about their health care and the options that may be available to them. We’ve been an industry leader in this space since 2006, when we developed Care Comparison, an online transparency tool and resource that provides cost information at specified area hospitals for common procedures such as MRIs and CT scans and other surgical procedures. Care Comparison puts helpful information at our health plan members’ fingertips, allowing them to quickly and easily compare prices across facilities.

Patient Reviews of Their Doctors

Hearing what people have to say about their doctors may help others choose one that's right for them. That's why a few years ago WellPoint became the first health benefits company to make doctor ratings and reviews available on our affiliated health plan member websites.
Today, our enhanced ratings and reviews tool gives affiliated health plan members access to more than 500,000 reviews of doctors across the country. It’s built right into the Find a Doctor search tool and uses a star-rating system — so reviews can be created quickly and it’s simple to read them.
It’s an important part of our effort to provide affiliated health plan members with innovative tools to help them find health care that’s right for them.

Managed Care Pharmacy Resident Program

The WellPoint Managed Care Pharmacy Resident Program is designed to help pharmacy graduates transition from the academic setting to one that fosters an exceptional drug-management experience.
The program achieves this by providing practical and comprehensive exposure in all components of managed-care pharmacy practice. Participants in the program interact with health care providers who assist our health plan members and coordinate member care with nurses, social workers, pharmacists and medical directors in our health plans.
We are proud that our program recently received a six-year, full accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP). Additionally, the program has been acknowledged by the professional pharmacy community for its senior leadership support, interdisciplinary approach, growth potential, clear and concise experiential documentation and other innovative strides.


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