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Finding the care you need close to home


We know the importance of getting good care close to home. We’ve partnered with many providers in your area. Find one who meets your needs using the search tool below. You can search by name, specialty, or location.


Search for different types of providers, like:


Primary care providers (PCPs)




Behavioral health providers


Hospitals and facilities




Waiver providers


Health home providers


Long-term services and supports providers


Labs (to get blood tests)


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You can search for a doctor from your phone with the Sydney Health mobile app.


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Provider education and training


You can get more information about the providers in our health plan. Visit to search for providers and find out where they went to medical school.

Behavioral health


Call Wellpoint Member Services at 833-731-2140 (TTY 711) for help finding a behavioral health or substance use specialist.



Your pharmacy benefits include a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. We work with CarelonRx to provide these benefits.


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Dental care


Dental benefits are not covered through Wellpoint.


Iowa Medicaid and Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (Hawki) members:

Dental benefits are available through the Iowa Medicaid fee-for-service program.


Call Iowa Medicaid Member Services at 800-338-8366 to learn more.

Vision care


Vision benefits are provided through Superior Vision.


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LiveHealth Online


Can’t get to your doctor? Visit a doctor 24/7 through live video using LiveHealth Online.


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When it's time to change to an adult doctor


As you become an adult, your healthcare needs start to change. If you’re seeing a pediatrician, you may want to find a primary care provider who treats adults.


Adult PCP offices include:


Family practice


General practice


Internal medicine


Start by asking your current doctor for a recommendation for a new adult PCP. You can change your PCP at any time. It’s easy with our Change Your PCP tool.