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Finding the care you need close to home


We know the importance of getting good care close to home. We’ve partnered with many providers in your area. Find one who meets your needs using the search tool below. You can search by name, specialty, or location.


Search for different types of providers, like:


Primary care providers




Behavioral health providers


Hospitals and facilities




Labs (to get blood tests)


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You can search for a provider from your phone with the Sydney Health mobile app.


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Provider education and training


You can get more information about the providers in our health plan. Visit to search for providers and find out where they went to medical school.

Your primary care provider


Your main doctor is called a primary care provider. The provider you choose can be a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a physical assistant, or any type of health care professional that is allowed to be a primary care provider in Texas. This provider will give most of your or your child’s care. To change your primary care provider, log in to your secure account or chat with a representative via Live Chat. Or call Member Services at 833-731-2160 (TTY 711). STAR Kids members, call 844-756-4600 (TTY 711).

STAR+PLUS and STAR Kids members who have Medicare


Call your Medicare plan to choose a primary care provider near you.

Need help finding a provider or making an appointment?


Send us a secure message through your online account or call Member Services at 833-731-2160 (TTY 711). STAR Kids members, call 844-756-4600 (TTY 711). We’ll set up a 3-way call with you and your provider.



Your primary care provider may want you to visit a specialist or another provider for care or services he or she can’t provide. You don’t need a referral from your primary care provider to get care from other providers in our plan. This includes behavioral health services, OB/GYN care, and family planning if these are benefits in your plan. It’s a good idea to talk to your primary care provider first about other types of care you may need. He or she can tell you about other providers in our plan and help you coordinate the care you receive.

Dental care


If you’re a STAR member ages 20 or younger, or a CHIP or STAR Kids member, call your dental plan provider to find a dentist near you:



STAR or STAR Kids members: 800-516-0165


CHIP members: 800-508-6775


MCNA Dental



UnitedHealthcare Dental



HCBS STAR+PLUS Waiver members

Talk to your service coordinator about dental services.

Vision care


Call Superior Vision of Texas at 800-428-8789 to find an eye doctor near you or go to the Superior Vision website.


Note: CHIP Perinate members don’t have vision benefits.


If you have Medicare, contact your Medicare plan about vision benefits.

Pharmacy and prescription drugs


Wellpoint works with CarelonRx to provide pharmacy benefits.


To find a pharmacy near you, use our pharmacy locator tool.


Find a pharmacy 


For help with your prescription drugs, call:


Pharmacy Member Services — STAR, STAR+PLUS, CHIP, and CHIP Perinate members:

833-235-2022 (TTY 711)


Pharmacy Member Services — STAR Kids members:

833-370-7463 (TTY 711)

LiveHealth Online


Video chat with a doctor or therapist 24/7 at no cost to you – all you need is your member ID.


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24-hour Nurse HelpLine


833-731-2160 (TTY 711) | STAR Kids members: 844-756-4600 (TTY 711)


24-hour Nurse HelpLine lets you call and speak with a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week — even on holidays.


A registered nurse can help:


Answer questions about health concerns.


Find a doctor, urgent care center, or walk-in clinic.


Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or another provider in our plan.

When it's time to change to an adult doctor


As you become an adult, your health care needs start to change. If you’re seeing a pediatrician, you may want to find a primary care provider who treats adults.


Adult provider offices include:


Family practice


General practice


Internal medicine


Start by asking your current doctor for a recommendation for a new adult primary care provider. You can change your provider at any time. It’s easy with our Change Your Primary Care Provider tool.

Provider Directories


Download a provider directory for a list of all providers in your service area. You can also contact Member Services to have a directory mailed to you at no cost within five business days of your request.


Visit our Know Your Service Area page if you don’t know which service area you are in.