UniCare Massachusetts is now Wellpoint, effective July 1, 2024. New name, same commitment to you.

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Resources, tools, and tips

How to use your plan wisely

Understanding preapproval (preauthorization)

Preapproval (also called preauthorization) confirms that a service you’re having will be covered for benefits.


In most cases, members don’t need to do anything – your doctor will take care of getting preapproval. Once in a while, you may need to work with the doctor to arrange for preapproval; for example, if you’re getting care from a non-contracted doctor in another state.

Alternatives to the ER

Emergency rooms save lives – that's what they're for. But if you're dealing with a less threatening issue, getting care doesn't have to take so long or cost so much. You have choices, even when you need care right away.

Switching to Medicare coverage

The GIC will contact you about Medicare coverage when you’re retiring at age 65 or older.

Have you moved?

If you have moved, you must provide the GIC with your new home address.

Hope for the best, but prepare anyway

We all hope to never face a health crisis that leaves us too ill to make our own care decisions. But sometimes, a crisis can happen anyway. Advance care planning lets you take the common sense step of communicating your wishes now in case you aren’t able to make your own care decisions later.

Health assessment with personalized recommendations

Take the Wellpoint health assessment to find out how healthy you are and get customized suggestions to improve your health.

Hospital safety and comparison tools

For Total Choice, PLUS, and Community Choice members


Leapfrog is a nonprofit organization committed to helping consumers make informed healthcare decisions.


Find out about – and compare – hospital safety records 


For Medicare Extension members


Medicare collects information about the quality of care for thousands of providers, hospitals, and other medical facilities.


Find and compare Medicare-certified providers