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Enhanced Personal Health Care (EPHC)

Wellpoint’s value-based care program


Enhanced Personal Health Care (EPHC) is Wellpoint’s patient-centered, value-based care program. This payment model is part of our work to move to a health care system where payment is based on value rather than volume. EPHC supports reduced health care costs and improved patient outcomes.

Evolving healthcare

Enhanced Personal Health Care enables providers to deliver better outcomes, improve care quality, and achieve significant cost savings. Cost savings and positive outcomes continue to improve through a consistent patient-provider relationship.

Specialized support and patient data

We offer EPHC providers population health reports that can help support healthier patients. Reporting includes alerts for patients who are due for critical screening or who may be at a higher risk for chronic conditions. This data helps close gaps in care.

Payment incentives

Organizations that meet quality thresholds on the performance scorecard are eligible to share in cost savings. Better health care equals greater earnings.

Working together

Value-based care is transforming the healthcare industry. Wellpoint offers various programs to support organizations through this change and provide the tools they need to deliver higher quality patient care and lower costs.


 EPHC – For practices with larger populations


 PHC Essentials – For practices with smaller populations

Episode-based payment

Our Episode-Based Payment (EBP) program is a bundled payment program for specialty physician groups and facilities that targets a range of treatment courses (or "episodes"). Bundled payments set cost targets that create responsibility for all the care a patient receives in an episode for a specific illness, condition, or medical event.

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For more information about Wellpoint’s value-based care programs, contact Wellpoint Provider Relations