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Community Choice

About Community Choice

Use Community Choice hospitals

If you live in Massachusetts and get hospital-based care at a Community Choice hospital, you’ll enjoy the lowest premiums of any GIC offering.


Community Choice hospitals are located across Massachusetts – even Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and Children’s Hospital Boston are Community Choice.


Hospital services at a Community Choice hospital are covered at 100% (after any applicable copay and deductible). You still have the freedom to use non-Community Choice hospitals where you’ll have a higher copay and 20% coinsurance.


   List of Community Choice hospitals

Use any providers for non-hospital services

Non-hospital services – including doctor visits – are covered the same no matter where you go or who you see.

Choose Community Choice if:

 You and your dependents live and receive medical care in Massachusetts (not including Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard).


 You use a Community Choice hospital for hospital-based services.


 You’d like to keep your premium as low as possible.


 You’re comfortable paying more out-of-pocket costs to receive services at a non-Community Choice hospital.