The UniCare State Indemnity Plan is becoming Wellpoint in 2024. New name, same commitment to you.

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How to search for providers

Finding the right health care providers

The way to search for health care providers, both in Massachusetts and elsewhere, depends on what type of providers you are looking for. To search for:

Medical providers


Look for contracted PCPs, specialists, hospitals and facilities.


Current UniCare providers (for the 2023-2024 plan year)


Wellpoint providers (for the 2024-2025 plan year that begins July 1, 2024)

Behavioral health providers


Use Carelon Behavioral Health’s Provider Search tool to look for contracted behavioral health providers for either plan year. Carelon Behavioral Health administers these benefits for Wellpoint members.

Medicare providers


Go to www.medicare.gov to search for providers that accept Medicare assignment.

Transitioning from a UniCare to a Wellpoint member account

Beginning July 1, 2024, your UniCare member account will automatically roll over to become your Wellpoint account. Until then, existing members can use their UniCare member login to access their account information. Some of the tips described here require that you to be logged in. These tips apply whether you are using your existing UniCare member account or the Wellpoint account that will go into effect on July 1, 2024.

Tips on using Find Care

Getting started with Find Care

 Find Care lets you search as a guest (without logging into your member account) or as a member. For more detailed search results you must be logged in.


 Find Care search results list contracted providers, whether you search for Massachusetts providers or providers in other states.


 To begin a search, you must first enter either a ZIP code or town and state (for example, Boston, MA or Nashua, NH). Once you’ve provided the location, you can then narrow your search by provider type, distance, gender, and in a variety of other ways.


Searching for a particular type of provider

Although Find Care displays selectable icons for common searches, you will get more accurate search results if you enter a provider type into the Search box (for example, internal medicine or ambulatory surgery center). You’ll get a drop-down list of options you can select from.


Contracted suppliers – Enter the type of supplier (for example, DME) or the item or supply you need (wheelchair, home health care).


Urgent care facilities – Under your Wellpoint plan, you owe only a low copay when you receive care at a contracted urgent care center. To help ensure this benefit is correctly processed, look for facilities that have “Urgent Care” as part of their name. These facilities are more likely to bill your visit correctly.

Make note of the provider’s address

Providers often offer services at more than one location. When a provider turns up in your search results, they are a contracted provider at the address listed. If you plan to visit that provider, verify that your visit is at the listed address. In some cases, a provider may not be contracted at another address.

Tier assignments for Massachusetts providers

If you are a member of a Wellpoint plan that has tiered providers, the Find Care search results show you the tier assignments for Massachusetts providers. Only Massachusetts providers are tiered.


To quickly find the tier assignments for Massachusetts hospitals, go to the List of Massachusetts hospitals.

Identifying Community Choice hospitals

In Find Care, you cannot filter a hospital search to list only Community Choice hospitals. To find out if a hospital is Community Choice, select the “View Details” button, then select the “Recognitions” tab.


You can also find Community Choice hospitals on the List of Massachusetts hospitals.