UniCare Massachusetts is now Wellpoint, effective July 1, 2024. New name, same commitment to you.

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Total Choice Plan

About Total Choice

The GIC’s most flexible plan

For members living in New England, Total Choice lets you use any doctor and any hospital. The benefits – and the cost to you – stay the same whether you get services at a nearby community hospital, a Boston-area teaching hospital, or at a hospital you need when you travel.


You can enroll in Total Choice if you live in any of the six New England states. You can even be a Total Choice snowbird, as long as your registered home address is in New England.

Choose Total Choice if:

 Your primary residence is in one of the six New England states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, or Connecticut.


 You have dependents who receive regular healthcare in other states.


 You want the freedom to see any doctor – or go to any hospital – without any differences in coverage.


 You have complex medical needs.


 You’re comfortable with a higher premium for the most flexibility and access.