TennCare Medicaid benefits


As a Wellpoint member in Tennessee, you get many benefits with little to no costs or copays.

Medical care is just the beginning


With Wellpoint, you’ll also have access to a wide range of services including dental care and our Healthy Rewards program.

What are copays?


Copays are a set dollar amount you pay for covered services, like doctor visits or prescriptions. Not everyone on TennCare has copays. If you have them, they’re listed on your Wellpoint member ID card.

The member handbook: Everything you need to know


Your member handbook is your go-to guide for health services. Read it to find out about:


  How to use your benefits.


  How to choose a primary care provider.


  How to get help if your doctor’s office is closed.


  How to reach Member Services if you have questions.


  Your rights and responsibilities as a Wellpoint member.


Member Handbook (English) 

Member Handbook (Spanish) 

Member Handbook Benefits Update (English) 

Member Handbook Benefits Update (Spanish) 

Member Handbook Benefits Update (Arabic) 

Need a handbook mailed to you?


You can request a handbook via live chat with Member Services.