Group health insurance

At Wellpoint, we offer simple, supportive, quality benefit solutions that are easy to access, thoughtfully designed, and community-based to help people live well across all points in life.

Group insurance plans

Our group insurance plans and solutions support employees with human-centered, empathetic care that addresses their needs.


This, along with our innovative digital tools and platforms, makes it easier to access quality healthcare for all.

Group insurance solutions with Wellpoint

We offer plan options to help employees access the benefits they need. Administrators and participants benefit from simpler, smarter, and more cost-effective healthcare management with digital tools and professional support.

Wellpoint vision care


Wellpoint Vision offers flexible and convenient vision plan options with one of the largest networks in the nation.

Wellpoint stop loss insurance


Our stand-alone, customizable stop loss insurance coveragehelps provide protection for your business from the unexpected.