Helping people live well across all life points.

With a comprehensive suite of Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial products, Wellpoint focuses on improving physical health, as well as the behavioral and social drivers that impact it.


Wellpoint may be a new name to you, but it has been an integral part of our company’s heritage for 30 years. As an affiliated brand under Elevance Health, Wellpoint is uniquely positioned to meet the bold and ambitious purpose we share with our sister companies—to improve the health of humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wellpoint?

Wellpoint will unite select Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial plans in states which do not offer Blue Cross/Blue Cross and Blue Shield branded products. Our Medicaid plan in Maryland will be the first to transition to the new Wellpoint brand. There will be no impact or changes to coverage, access to healthcare providers, or level of support as a result of the introduction of the Wellpoint brand.


Why are you bringing back the Wellpoint name?

Wellpoint is a name that has been part of our heritage for more than 30 years, so it may be familiar for some – but more importantly, it is a name that perfectly fits with our vision for our brand to be a source of lasting wellness for our consumers at all points in their health journey.


Will my plan/benefits change?

Rest assured there will be no impact or changes to coverage, access to health care providers, or level of support as a result of any brand changes. Your health plan will continue to operate as it does today.


Will I receive a new ID card? 

We will rename the majority of our health plans to Wellpoint over the next few years.  Keeping you well informed is essential and remains our top priority. We will communicate more details as they become available.


How much will this cost? Will it impact my premiums?

There will be no cost to members as a result of introducing the Wellpoint brand.


Will this change impact provider agreements/contracts?

No, there will be no changes to your current agreements or contracts.


Will there be any changes to provider credentialing? 

No, our credentialing processes will remain the same.


Will this change impact agent/broker agreements?

No, there will be no changes to your current agreements or contracts.


What specific action is needed by brokers?

No action is needed. We will continue to provide you with the exceptional service you’ve come to know and trust and keep you well informed in advance if there are any changes.