First, we listen

We actively listen to our members, providers, and state partners to understand what matters, what works, and what is needed. The key to Wellpoint’s success is developing strong relationships with all stakeholders to make sure our members have convenient and timely access to quality care and supports.

Promoting healthy families


Wellpoint is focused on achieving health and wellness for the entire family. We listen, respect, and engage families to understand their culture, values, beliefs, and lifestyles so we can develop meaningful relationships. We engage and support members and their families to set goals based on what is important to them, building on their strengths and enhancing each person’s resiliency.

Partners in healthcare


Our pledge to our provider partners is to simplify health care so providers can focus on health. Our locally-based integrated Provider Solutions teams employ a high-touch approach, focusing on our common goals of improving member access to care, promoting healthy lifestyles, and effectively managing costs. For providers, we support:


  • Evidence-based practices and ongoing integrated care.
  • Consolidate therapeutic and social efforts on behalf of members.
  • Reducing administrative burdens.

A trusted collaborator with states


Wellpoint is a valued partner to state agencies because we seek to understand priorities and leverage our experience and data analysis to collaborate and develop innovative solutions. As a thought leader for the child welfare population, one of our affiliates developed multiple new initiatives that have resulted in:


  • 98% of members in integrated care coordination.
  • 18.7% decrease in admissions to psychiatric residential treatment facilities.

Awards and recognition


Wellpoint collaborated with Patient Care Intervention Center in an affiliated health plan to develop a community model that integrated primary care with behavioral health that has resulted in:

  • 51% reduced costs
  • 46% decrease in emergency room visits
  • 21% increase in quality of life

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Children and youth in foster care


Wellpoint and its affiliated plans coordinate care for more than 121,000 children, adolescents and young adults in foster care, adoption assistance, and juvenile justice programs across the country.


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Community partnerships


Wellpoint seeks out new and better ways to improve member health outcomes, quality of life, and access to high quality, cost-efficient care and services.


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What our members say 


“I was at rock bottom, I was literally in the gutter until one day coming out of a mental institution I met Clarence (Wellpoint case manager)… and he gave me hope.”


– Johnn, Wellpoint member