Children with specialized needs

Wellpoint provides essential care coordination services and supports to children with specialized health care needs and their families. We deliver person-centered, fully-integrated health and support services to our members from birth into adulthood - providing opportunities to grow, thrive, and lead meaningful, productive lives in their communities.


Our integrated model addresses each child's and family's strengths, needs, and preferences; facilitates access to specialty health care and meaningful supports; and effectively coordinates services by:

Bringing together services and supports


We partner with providers, advocates, system partners, and community organizations to develop services and supports that address every type of need children and their families face. We create comprehensive solutions and support families as primary decision makers, caregivers, teachers, and advocates for their children.


Reinforcing the role of family and other member relationships


Wellpoint engages family members and natural supports in the member’s care to enhance feelings of value and belonging and help the member to achieve emotional well-being.


Facilitating communication


Through intensive service coordination, collaboration, and technology we foster communication between members, families, providers, and systems involved in the child’s care and services.


Serving as a centralized point of contact to:

  • Identify each child’s preferences, needs, and goals
  • Assure access to needed services and supports
  • Build a bridge across the system of care entities that serve our members


Offering community services and supports


We bring services and supports to local communities where our members live, work, and go to school. We collaborate with schools and community-based organizations to facilitate access to the preventive services that help them stay well.


Improving access to employment and housing


Wellpoint coordinates with businesses, supported employment, housing, and vocational/educational programs operated by the state and other organizations to connect members and families to the supports they need to have meaningful lives.

Meeting members where they live


Examples of our programs that meet children and families where they live include:

Healthy Families program

Our Healthy Families program, highlighted by Medicaid Health Plans of America Diabetes Care as a best practice, has helped 57% of members increase their fruit/vegetable intake, 58% increase their water consumption, 42% increase their activity level, and 30% decrease their screen time.

Psychotropic medication program

A psychotropic medication COACHES Program that improves therapy outcomes for children who take behavioral medications and are at risk for medication-related problems has decreased inpatient admissions by 75%.

Wellpoint serves and supports members, families, and advocates by spending time in, and bringing services to, the communities we support.