HealthChoice benefits

As a Wellpoint member, you get the following benefits—with no costs or copays, except for some prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

Medical care

  • Visits with a primary care provider (PCP) you choose
  • Visits to specialist providers (with a referral from your PCP)
  • Hospital care
  • Lab and X-ray services
  • Urgent care
  • Emergency care
  • Preventive care
  • Pregnancy services
  • Family planning
  • Medical supplies
  • Home health services


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Vision care

Members under age 21

  • Annual eye exam
  • Glasses — every year or
  • Contact lens allowance — every year


Adults age 21 and older

  • Annual eye exam
  • Glasses — every year
  • Contact lens allowance — every year


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Prescription medicine

Your benefits include a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. We work with CarelonRx to provide these benefits. Your copay is $3 for non-preferred brand-name drugs. There’s a $1 copay for generic drugs, preferred brand drugs, and HIV/AIDS drugs. Members under age 21, those who are pregnant, members in long-term care, and American Indians do not have a copay.


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All members 

Healthy kids services for children

Checkups and health services for members under age 21 including:

  • Well-child checkups
  • Immunizations (shots)
  • Developmental screenings


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Cellphone with texts, data, and calls

We work with SafeLink Wireless® to offer Wellpoint members this special federal Lifeline program. If you qualify, you can get a free smartphone with unlimited texts and monthly data and minutes.


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Rides to appointments

No-cost rides to your healthcare visits if you don’t have a way to get there


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Behavioral healthcare

Behavioral health and substance use disorder services


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24-hour Nurse HelpLine

24-hour phone advice from a registered nurse


Call 833-707-0867 (TTY 711)

Case management


Wellpoint has case managers who support coordinating healthcare services for people with certain health conditions or special needs. If you need case management services, we will refer you to a case manager. Your case manager will work with you and your primary care provider (PCP) to set up a plan of care for your condition. You will also learn steps you can take to care for yourself. Case management services are for:


  • Children with special healthcare needs
  • People who are pregnant and for postpartum care
  • People with HIV/AIDS
  • Those who are homeless
  • People with physical or developmental disabilities
  • Children in state-supervised care


To learn more about case management, call Member Services at 833-707-0867 (TTY 711).


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Home health with Alegis Care

Some health issues can make it hard to go to the doctor’s office. Certain Wellpoint members can get Alegis Care services from the comfort of their home, such as:

  • Yearly health exams
  • Diabetes screenings
  • Child lead screenings
  • Postpartum care follow-up

You may have gotten a letter in the mail or received a call or text telling you about home health visits with Alegis Care. 


Call Wellpoint at 410-981-4000, ext. 106-125-2140, to learn more about home health care.

Member handbook


Your member handbook is your go-to-guide for health services. Read it to find out about:

  • How to use your benefits
  • How to choose a primary care provider
  • How to get help if your doctor’s office is closed
  • How to reach Member Services if you have questions
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a Wellpoint member

Need a member handbook mailed to you?

  • Let a Member Services representative know via Live Chat 
  • Ready to enroll? Need to renew?





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