Eligibility and enrollment

Maryland Medicaid


HealthChoice is the state of Maryland's Medicaid program. Medicaid helps low-income individuals and families get health care coverage. The Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP) is a branch of Medicaid that provides access to health care coverage for children up to age 19 from higher income families. Some higher income families may have to pay a premium (monthly fee) for their MCHP coverage.


Who's eligible?


You may be eligible if you live in Maryland, have limited income and are part of one of the following groups:


  • Children under age 19
  • Adults aged 19-64
  • People who are pregnant
  • Individuals caring for a related child in your home
  • Individuals who are aged, blind or disabled


What are the income requirements?

Check income requirements on the Maryland Health Connection website.


What are the benefits?

Learn more about Maryland Medicaid benefits.


How to enroll


Enrollment in Medicaid and the Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP) is year-round. If you qualify, you can enroll at any time.


The best way to know if you're eligible for Medicaid is to apply through Maryland Health Connection. Applications go through state approval. Your child or a member of your household may be eligible even if you're not.


Simply follow these steps:

1. Apply through Maryland Health Connection


Maryland Health Connection is Maryland’s official health marketplace. This is where you go to find out if you are eligible for Medicaid.


You can apply in these ways:









2. Choose Wellpoint as your Managed Care Organization

When your Medicaid application is complete and verified, you will choose a managed care organization (MCO) to provide your care.


An MCO is an organization with a network of primary care providers (PCPs), specialists, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. Wellpoint is an MCO that participates in HealthChoice, Maryland's Medicaid program.


There are several ways to choose Wellpoint as your MCO:



You need to renew your Medicaid or MCHP benefits once a year, or they may be automatically renewed. Maryland Health Connection will contact you when it is time to renew.

Need coverage when your maternity plan ends?


You may still be eligible for Medicaid with Wellpoint even if your maternity coverage is expiring.


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